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Detailing Service at Buckingham Chrysler

At Buckingham Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we offer several available detailing services to keep your car looking good as new and prepare for the changes in season. Whether you want your vehicle detailed inside, out, or both, our crew will treat it to all the TLC it needs to help you brave the winter and get ready for summer with the utmost confidence. No matter if you drive a model from our used or new inventory, find out more about our comprehensive detailing service below, and contact us at Buckingham Chrysler Jeep Dodge to book your appointment in Buckingham, QC.

How Often Should You Get a Car Detailing Service?

Detailing is a greater priority for some drivers than others, but you can't go wrong with two detailing services per year. Not only can we protect your vehicle before winter sets in, we can also revive it in the spring to rid you of any evidence of winter and ensure that you enjoy the summer in style. It's especially important to get your car detailed once winter is over, as residual salt and other stains can lead to corrosion in your body if left unattended.

Interior Detailing Service

Our interior detailing service begins with washing, cleaning, and protecting the upholstery and surfaces of your vehicle. We'll also rid your cabin of calcium traces and any other evidence of winter driving, all while cleaning your carpets and removing dust, grime, and everything in between to leave your interior looking pristine.

Exterior Detailing Service

Our exterior detailing is just as meticulous as our interior service. No matter the season, we'll thoroughly clean and polish your car's body from front to back, tend to your vehicle's underside, and tidy things up under the hood. We can also look after your paint job, and when winter is near, you can entrust us with protecting your bodywork from small rocks, salt, and any other of winter's usual pests. Once summer arrives, we'll be happy to detail your vehicle once more and have it turning heads in no time.

For further details regarding our detailing services or how our Finance Centre can simplify your next purchase, contact Buckingham Chrysler Jeep Dodge today.

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